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During the last year, we have greatly expanded our portfolio of services to clients. Infrastructure design is still our domain, but we are definitely not afraid to venture in another markets. Ecology, ecological emergency service, geology, engineering, redevelopment and construction work envelope our complete know-how. In summary, this means that there is no construction phase we cannot take care of.

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Responsible approach

Four lane highways, industrial projects, 16-span bridges, railway tracks, but also local roundabouts, building reconstructions, small footbridges or public transport stops. We approach all of our projects just as equally and responsibly, with knowledge and with great computing power. At the same time, our skills can be leveraged by technologies and tools that enable us to prepare for the future and to predict the needs of a civilization.

silnice a zeleň

To Think ecologically

Accommodating and caring of our landscape is closely related to our work. Besides the numbers and lines, we also focus on the transport density, the type of trees and shrubs planted along the routes or fragmentation of the landscape. We just strive to be fair to the countryside, to the people and to the places our work effects. We want our work to enrich the places we live in. So that we can be proud in future of what we have done now.


We specialize in land and rail transport, water management and urban planning as such. Thanks to this, we are a long-standing European consultant in the area of infrastructure design.

We are working to improve our infrastructure by being in contact with local governments and global companies. We are educated in new technologies and have 25 years of design experience. Bridges, tunnels, railway corridors reaching hundreds of kilometers, factories, highways and tram lines are what is now a challenge for us in the years to come. We want to be on the notion of the construction pyramid, because we already know it is possible.

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