• Ing. David Landa

    Practical experience 22 years

    Selection of references Sewerage systems municipalities Viesky

    Ing. David Landa

  • Ing. Kateřina Tušerová

    Practical experience 19 years

    Selection of references Relocation of road I/14

    Ing. Kateřina Tušerová

  • Bc. Štěpán Horecký

    Practical experience 12 years

    Selection of references Motorway D3

    Štěpán Horecký

  • Miloslav Kosejk

    Practical experience 21 years

    Selection of references Road Bypass of Prague 514 - drainage with road I/4

    Miloslav Kosejk



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Water resources

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complex services throughout all phases of the documentation, from studies to final construction plans

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Water supply network | Sewerage systems | Water treatment plants | Atmospheric water cleaning | Road and motorway drainage | Tanks and ponds | Water treatment | Pump stations | Water and melioration network | River bed adjustment and realignment