• Václav Benč

    Practical experience 3 years

    Selection of references Intersection Mileta, Hradec Králové

    Roman Koloušek

  • Ivana Rajdlová

    Practical experience 7 years

    Selection of references Motorway D3 - segments 0308C, 0309/I, 0309/II, 0309/III

    Ivana Rajdlová

  • Milan Koucký

    Practical experience 11 years

    Selection of references Jablonec n/N, western tangent

    Ivana Rajdlová


Autodesk 3dsmax | EyeonFusion Technologies LLC SynthEyes - 3D tracking | Grass Valley EDIUS - cutting - 10-bit HD | Bentley MicroStaion

Auto CAD

Visualization & Match Moving

We offer:

Interactive visualization | Post-production | Gyroscopic stabilization  | Camera equipment

Further we offere:

Creation and animation of digital landscape image | Imaging the construction object | Static or dynamic viewing of the final object including viewing from normally inaccessible angles | Dynamic viewing of the object as in a film | Setup a presentation for the purposes of an exhibition or meeting | Visualization embedded into photographs or film