• Ing. Karel Dusbaba

    Professional Experiences 18 years

    Selected References Kapacitní posouzení okruž. křiž.  v MB

    Ing. Karel Dusbaba


PTV traffic mobility logistics - Visum | Vissim

Auto CAD

Transportation engineering

We offer:

Economic, detailed and clear solution | Comprehensive traffic forecast

The main advantages:

Ideal output for road network planning - routing, category of communications |   A realistic data for the roads and intersections capacity assessment  | Transparent materials to assess the feasibility of buildings

Transportation modelling


The transport network existing and proposed | Traffic intensity | Types of traffic flow


Pentlograph of intensities for different variations | Comparison of changes in transport between the variants


Prognosis of traffic on the road network for different scenarios | Basis for planning the road network, to assess of capacity of roads and intersections, assessing the feasibility of buildings | Imput for the micro-simulation


Simulating real traffic situation on given road network


Data of transport network in great details | Traffic intensity and composition of traffic flow | Rules of behaviour of traffic participants


Video and text outputs – time delay, queue length near intersections


Supplement to the assess of capacity of intersections and sections between intersections, reference of signal plan light controlled intersections, scenarios of preferences of transport – public transport, bikers, impact of temporary traffic measures, the impact of new buildings – parking, shopping centres | Basis for dynamic management of traffic lanes to optimize the shape of interchanges and roundabouts | Determination of delay of drivers a queue lengths at intersections | Presentation of unusual solutions | Data for visualization of buildings, data for feasibility assessments of buildings