• Ing. Bohumil Dubec

    Professional Experiences 37 years

    Selected References Project vytyčovací sítě - Motorway R4 Milín - Lety

    Bohumil Dubec

  • Pavel Sobek

    Professional Experiences 31 years

    Selected References Relocation of Road II 592 Chrastava

    Pavel Sobek

  • Lubor Paroulek

    Professional Experiences 22 years

    Selected References Mapové podklady Motorway D3

    Lubor Paroulek

  • Petr Gebouský

    Professional Experiences 19 years

    Selected References Motorway R4 Čimelice - Mirotice

    Petr Gebouský


Topcon a Leica + GPS


Auto CAD


We offer the following surveying work:

| Calculating | Create | Make Vytyčíme | Build

Design of project-purposed large-scale maps |  Trig stations or triangulation network | Structures | Plan map | Inspection survey of structures | Documentation of the real construction line and level |Vertical profile or cross section | Volume (cubic contents) of materials | Survey and graphic display of overground and underground service networks | Land surveying work in planimetric and altimetric triangulation networks


Maps for project design in the following fields:

Transportation | Bridges | Tunnels | Structures | Rail | Undergrund services