• Ing. Peter Lastovecký

    Professional Experiences 19 years

    Selected References Optimalization of the line Prague main railway st. - Prague Smíchov

    Ing. Peter Lastovecký

  • Ing. Jan Hejral

    Professional Experiences 11 years

    Selected References Tram lines in Liberec, Liberec - Jablonec n. N.

    Ing. Jan Hejral

  • Ing. Jaroslav Luterán

    Professional Experiences 26 years

    Selected References Public intermodal transportation terminal Košice

    Ing. Jaroslav Luterán

  • Dr. Ing. Ján Bušovský

    Professional Experiences 22 years

    Selected References Modernization of the lin e Poprad Tatry (mimo) - Krompachy

    Dr. Ing. Ján Bušovský

  • Ing. Pavol Beňo

    Professional Experiences 13 years

    Selected References ŽSR, Žilina - Teplička classification yard, 2. structure, 2. stage

    Ing. Pavol Beňo


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